Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Have you ever dreamed about being the greatest, and the best player in Woozworld?
Then dream no more!

Our Woozworld Cheats are here!

 WoozWorld cheats

Our Woozworld Cheats are now free!

Woozworld is an MMO game, designed for the lower age. The game was originally called Kidstudio, and it is a virtual gaming community that was founded in 2010. Woozworld allows the teens, so called pre teens, to connect , and interact with each other without any worries. In the software you can design your own virtual world, where you can create your own avatar, and customize your own characters by adding cloths on them, making them new homes, places, or creating their own business. This game is designed for 8-14 years old childs. Woozworld has a strict emphasis on protecting the private information of its users and creating a safe gaming environment that parents can trust.
The main currecy in Woozworld is called "Wooz". It can only be acquired by buying it , or getting a gift card from others.

Until now.

Our Woozworld Cheats offer free Wooz for you , and your friends. Our generator that generates the codes, is very unique , and working.It is relying on a backdoor method, that isn't detected yet, and will never be detected. Our coders, are always tweaking the method, only to make it useful for you. We spent a lot of money for making it secure, and hiring coders, to make it work, and keep it updated. It is using a secret  proxy gathering method, to keep your IPs secret and undetected. You can generate unlimited Woozworld Cheats with this tool , and be the best player in Woozworld. Get on the top lists, be the best player that everyone looks up to, gain money and fame, let the people speak about how cool you are in the world of Woozworld!
Or, maybe you could generate cheats for yourself, and sell it. Pretty good, isn't it ?!

Download our Woozworld Cheats now:

  WoozWorld cheats
Working and Updated:
  WoozWorld cheats  

Stuck? Let us help! Follow these steps:

1. Download our Woozworld Cheats, by clicking on the download button above .
2. Unpack the rar that it comes in.
3. Run the tool, open the game, click on connect.
4. After the connection is finished, click on generate, to generate your free Woozworld Cheats.
5. Enjoy our Woozworld Cheats!

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